Our Mission

The mission of Work Unlimited is to provide quality residential, employment, and community living programs for people experiencing intellectual/developmental disabilities and challenging behavioral issues.

Our service philosophy since 1985 is one of respect for human dignity, individual and constitutional rights, value, diversity and a commitment to supporting self-determination and independence for all citizens. We are committed to promote the preservation of each person's right to a quality of life that includes opportunities available to all citizens regardless of disability, age, sexual preference, gender identity, religion, or national origin. As such, Work Unlimited strives to provide innovative, integrated services that encourage each individual's understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens in their community while tailoring services to meet each person's needs. 

Work Unlimited is a non-profit corporation located in Corvallis, Oregon. Satellite offices are located in Salem. Programs are located across Benton, Polk and Marion counties. Work Unlimited offers residential (children and adults), employment and supported living services (adults only) to individuals who experience developmental disabilities and/or challenging behaviors and/or mental health diagnoses.

Our History

Our founder, Dr. H.D "Bud" Fredericks, was a nationally acclaimed research professor, author, and groundbreaking advocate for people experiencing disabilities. An expert on providing services for youth with extreme behavioral challenges, Bud was honored as an Outstanding Alumnus by University of Oregon's College of Education in 2001 for his impact on the field of special education and to people with disabilities and their families. Bud's distinguished contributions to our field are referenced over 5000 times on Google, relevant to his published books, articles, honors and achievements. 

In conjunction with the Western Oregon University's Teaching Research division, Bud established Work Unlimited, Inc. to offer community employment and skills training for adults with intellectual disabilities and behavioral challenges. Concurrently, he and TR facilitated the Small Residential Facilities Project, small community homes for populations of children and adults with challenging behavior. 

Convinced that even the most behaviorally challenged would flourish if given the chance to live, work, and participate in their communities, Bud's hypothesis was proven out with the enduring success of the projects he started with TR and the small community group homes he architected in conjunction with the U of O. Populated with individuals deemed the most challenging and "dangerous" from Fairview Training Center, their triumphant integration into the community, continuing to this day, was instrumental in permanently closing this institution and normalizing community living.

Today, Work Unlimited has the privilege, and responsibility, of fulfilling the legacy of Bud's vibrant philosophy of supports.